The Top Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Windows

Let us, for a second, think of life’s most perfect pairs. A ying to a yang, where one simply cannot be without the other. A hammer and a nail? Certainly! A tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Yum. How about your new crystal clear windows? What is the perfect match? You guessed it, blinds and shades!

Today, we have invited Shade Works Window Fashions, a Canadian Online Retailer of custom Window Coverings, to pass on their knowledge and expertise on the important factors to consider when purchasing new windows for your home.

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Is Your Window Framing Level?

Although your windows may be prefabricated and come as perfect squares or rectangles, it is important to ensure that your framing is perfectly level too. Window treatments are often installed inside or onto the window frame. With this in mind, it will be crucial to ensure the levelness of this frame. Even the slightest slope will cause the fabric of the shade to be on an angle. Furthermore, when operating the blind, the fabric may “drift” to one side, potentially damaging or fraying the fabric. To ensure perfect looking and functioning window coverings, make sure the framing is level prior to window installation!

Depth of Your Windows

The depth of your window will determine how the shade will blend with the window frame and the rest of your room. For example, if you have a very shallow window at a 2” depth, and then you install a shade with a 6” depth, there will be 4” of your shade sticking out past the frame. Most likely, not the look you were going for! Window coverings, in general, will require anywhere from 1.5” to 5” of depth. Therefore, it is important to think about the “look” you would like prior to choosing your new windows. When windows have minimal depth, you may be forced to install the treatments on the frame itself, or have the shades stick out slightly. Consider the depth of your windows prior to installation as you may want to choose windows with more depth. This will create more options for product selection and mounting options when it comes time to cover up the windows!

Cranks and Handles

A common obstacle that shades and blinds will often encounter after window installation are cranks or handles extending from the window. As they stick out, these cranks and handles get in the way of the window treatment and disrupt its overall function. Look into different operating mechanisms with which you can control your windows. Handles that fold in, are removable, or have minimal depth, will be the best as it will allow the window treatment to operate without any interference. If there is no way around having a handle that gets in the way, Shade Works can offer an expert tip! Order a Roller Shade with the “Reverse Roll” option. This will allow the fabric to fall in front of the roll (instead of behind) when lowered, giving the fabric more clearance away from the window.


Do you need Power?

Motorized and automated window treatments are the most popular and fastest growing control option for window treatments today. What’s most commonly overlooked by our customers is waiting until the end of the renovation or construction period to decide on power for motorized shades, explains Shade Works. It is important to decide prior to window installation if you would like to automate your window coverings. Planning ahead will allow you to hide wiring and save you a lot of money on both the product and installation costs.

Purchasing new windows will not only upgrade the look of your home, but also increase the value substantially. Remembering these key points, the levelness of the window frame, the depth of the window, any obstructive handles and power options will save you time, money and make selecting your window coverings that much easier and a lot more fun.

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