A Long Life Holiday Season Story


Several years ago we acquired an old hot tub and installed it on our back patio.  It’s not fancy, but it works well and we use it enough to justify its monthly portion of our electrical bill.  We keep it hot; just below scalding, but I know from experience that I can jump right in without burning myself even though it initially feels like I’ll lose my skin.

In early November I came home feeling achy and running a fever, which caused an uncomfortable chill through to my bones.  I drank some warm tea and climbed into bed with a heating pad, hoping the illness would soon pass.  After struggling to catch a bit of sleep over the long night it was clear that I needed to seek medical advice, and had no choice but to head out into the cold, wet morning to be the first in line when the local clinic opened.  The doctor checked me over and prescribed antibiotics.  I was home again a bit after 10:00; absolutely freezing and shivering uncontrollably.  My clothes came off quickly and I slipped on the old bathing suit I keep handy for hot tub dips, then I opened the back door and walked across the rain soaked deck in my bare feet; the frigid air penetrating my exposed flesh.  I lifted the lid, stepped into the steaming liquid, and sunk all the way down to my nose.  The first sensations of extreme pleasure were overwhelming.  I released a gasp of utter joy, and offered thanks that I was so blessed to be able to experience this level of exquisite, yet simple, all-encompassing wellbeing.  This total body bliss lasted for 15 or 20 minutes, and I relished each second.  It would take a few days for the drugs to cure me, but at that moment all was right with life and I felt wonderful.

So, you may ask, why is this little episode got to do with the holiday season?  I guess it is a realization that the things that bring us the most joy are often very simple; and joy is a feeling we long for; especially at this time of year.  I’ve learned that the experiences that have the greatest impact on my sense of well being don’t always need to be planned; and they certainly don’t need to be elaborate or costly.  Also, the happiness I get from a pleasurable experience is fleeting…one can only stay in the hot tub for so long.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that over the course of the year we have our periods of discomfort, but we also have our share of ‘hot tub’ moments.

All of us at Long Life Windows & Doors have had a busy, sometimes hectic, year.  However, we have certainly experienced plenty of events that bring us joy.  The most memorable moments are typically generated by the smiles on our customer’s faces when their project is complete and they begin to enjoy the comfort provided by our products and expert installation team.

I’ve never really liked the modern concept of having a ‘bucket list’; a wish list of things to experience while one is still alive.  I resist the implication that until I cross off all the items on this list, my life is not fulfilled.  I would suggest that this idea be replaced by a ‘hot tub list’; which implies that we relish the everyday experiences that are capable of delivering simple, yet profound, joy and happiness.

Too this end, our wish for our customers and friends is that you may uncover many ‘hot tub’ moments this Holiday Season and throughout 2016.  Simple pleasures filled with glorious, loving warmth, and all-encompassing well-being.

Best Wishes from your Friends at Long Life.


Pat Alexander