• Our sliding patio doors have highly thermal efficient, multi-hollow chambered, precision- engineered vinyl profiles. They are one of the few sliding patio doors that are approved for use in R-2000 Homes.
  • Air chambers provide high resistance to the transfer of heat and cold.
  • These doors are strong. Both the horizontal and vertical mainframe of each sash incorporates aluminum reinforcing. Galvanized steel reinforcing adds to the rigidity and stability of the sliding sections.
  • All our sliding doors have three locking systems, including a two-positional foot lock made with double slotted heavy-duty hardened steel. When the foot lock pin is in place – it stays in place.
  • The sliding patio doors come with an exterior aluminum kick plate that also serves as the heavy-duty screen track. The standard sliding screen is lockable and can be made with optional paw resistant screen mesh.
  • The standard half moon handle is both elegant and functional. The handle screws penetrate through the vinyl outer layer and through the aluminum reinforced inner layer for added strength and security. We also have an optional double crimping multi-lock for added security available upon request.