Seeing the forest through Long Life window

At Long Life, we take action for causes we believe in. We think reducing wasted energy
and increasing people’s wellbeing are important, that’s why we install top-quality energy-
efficient replacement windows. And we think planting native trees in areas devastated by
events like fire or insect infestation is important, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Tree
, a charitable organization that has planted and cared for over 77 million trees in
19 years.

We pay Tree Canada to plant a tree for every project Long Life completes. So, if you
purchase with us you will not only be outfitting your home with great windows and
doors, but you will also be helping replenish Canada’s forests.

We chose Tree Canada because they ensure that 100% of the funding goes toward their
projects, with no less than 85% of the money going directly to materials and management
of the tree planting program. Tree Canada takes care of the site preparation and planting,
as well as ongoing care and maintenance for the trees, particularly in their first, second
and fifth years of growth.

When you install Long Life replacement windows and doors, you get quality products
and service, peace of mind – and from now until October 31, 2012, you also help plant
trees in deforested parts of British Columbia.