Crank Casement Windows

Our crank casement windows, awning windows, and picture windows offer the heritage styling of wood in durable, low maintenance vinyl. These well-appointed window systems are certain to enhance the luxury and comfort of your home.

Casement windows hinge open at the sides, while awing windows are hinged at the top and swing outward like an awning. Our crank awing and casement window models feature roto cranks for ease of operation, multi-lock hardware for simplicity and security, and triple seals for airtight comfort. These vinyl windows also open wide for easy cleaning.

Crank Casement Windows


  • These windows are built to last, even in wet and windy weather.
  • High quality rubber seals make our tilt and turn windows some of the most air and watertight on the market. All rubber seals are replaceable, if necessary.
  • All hardware is corrosion resistant.
  • The multi-point locking mechanism around the entire frame makes the window extremely secure from unwanted entry – even when tilted open.
  • The easy to use handle shifts smoothly between the tilt, turn and lock positions.
  • Heavy-duty hinges allow these windows to open fully, even on over-sized openings.
  • These windows are versatile. Select from a wide variety of window configurations for a sleek, modern look, or a more traditional appeal. If you are looking to enhance your home’s heritage style – or create a new look – you can add optional window grids (Simulated True Divided Lites).


  • Casement and awning windows generally have lower air leakage rates than comparable sliding windows because the sash closes by pressing against the frame.
  • These window systems are versatile. You can select from a wide variety of configurations, and add options like window grids (Simulated True Divided Lites) to fit with your home’s current style – or create a new one.
  • Our awning and casement windows have energy efficient, highly air tight, triple weather stripping to reduce drafts as well as heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Casement windows project outward, providing significantly better ventilation than slider windows of equal size. In addition, their entire window area opens.
  • Our windows are Energy Star® certified for zones A, B, and C.
  • Our Long Life casement and awing windows have the look and feel of wood and will enhance the styling of any home.
  • All our vinyl replacement windows are locally manufactured, made for our wind-driven rainy weather, and backed by people with a long-term reputation for reliability.


Our wide variety of dimensions and configurations allow you to customize your windows for the look and function you want. Remember, awning windows swing open from the top and casements swing out from the side. Tip: Create a unique look by adding a fixed window into the assembly. Fixed windows come in various shapes like triangles or arched top rectangles.   Ask your Long Life representative for images or illustrations so you can view the various choices.


Different types of glass have distinct qualities and attributes. Selecting the best glass for each window can minimize noise issues, winter heat loss, or fading.

The following five questions can help determine the best glass for each of your windows:

1. Is your home cold in the winter?

Windows are the main sites of heat loss in most Canadian homes. Installing replacement windows will reduce drafts, but even well-sealed windows lose a significant amount of heat. Selecting glass with a high performance, energy efficient glazing can reduce your home’s heat loss, and bring down your heating bills at the same time.

2. Is your home too warm in the summer?

Excess heat gain in summer can cause as much discomfort as wintertime heat loss. Well-sealed replacement windows will reduce some heat gain, but the key culprit is heat coming through the glass. To minimize heat gain, select glazing that eliminates infrared light. Fortunately, the same glazing will also reduce winter heat loss.

3. Is fading a problem in some rooms?

Strong, direct sunlight can fade furniture, paintings and flooring. Where this is an issue, choose glass that screens out ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) to protect your furnishings from damage and deterioration.

4. Do you live on a busy street, or is it noisy inside your home?

In addition to light, windows can also let in unwanted noise. Most sound is made up of acoustic vibrations at different frequencies. Laminated glass minimizes unwanted sound transmission because the plastic inter-layer dampens vibrations across a wide range of frequencies, quieting low frequency sounds like truck traffic, as well as high frequency noise, like jet aircraft or industrial equipment.

5. Is security an issue?

Safety concerns can be easily addressed by selecting tempered glass or laminated safely glass. We usually recommend using laminated safety glass as it also helps reduce noise transmission and blocks 99.8% of the UV rays that cause fading.

The Building Code requires the use of safety glass anywhere within three feet of an entry doorknob and in a bathtub enclosure. We also recommend it for basements, garages or any window that could be an easy entry point.

Types of Glass

We offer a variety of glass types to suit the needs of each room in your home.

LoE3 Glass with Argon

LoE3 (pronounced: low E cubed) addresses all three of the biggest residential window concerns. LoE3 reduces winter heat loss, summer heat gain, and blocks 95% of the UV rays that cause fading and deterioration.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass provides increased safety and security, reduces unwanted outside noise, and blocks 98% of the sun’s UV rays.

Neat Glass

Neat glass uses the sun’s UV rays to help loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving your windows virtually spotless. This low maintenance, easy to clean glass is ideal for hard to reach places. Read more about Neat glass.

Obscure Bathroom Glass

We offer a broad selection of obscure glass options for bathroom privacy.


Custom Colours

Frame ColorsOur high efficiency vinyl windows come standard in white or beige, but if colour is what your home needs to look its best, simply select frame and trim colours from our popular palettes – or we can custom match a sample of your own colour choice. (Note: colours as shown are approximate. Ask your Long Life representative for colour samples).

Window Grids

Add a heritage feel to your windows with Long Life Simulated True Divided Lite (STDL) or Standard Internal Muntin grids.

STDL grid bars are permanently attached to the outside and inside of the glass to create the look and feel of a wooden grid. The bars can be colour matched to your frame, and come in three width options.

Internal Grids or Muntin Grids, are permanently fixed inside the sealed unit and come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns. Because they are attached in between the glass panels they are a low maintenance alternative to STDL bars.

We offer a full range of standard window grid patterns, or we can create customized grid patterns on request.

Interior and Exterior Trims:

Long Life offers a number of interior and exterior finishing touches to customize your new windows, including: exterior brickmoulds and rebate flanges from 1″ to 2″, or a 2 1/2″ stucco moulding. Alternatively Long Life can trim your windows with wood. We also offer an authentic looking wood grain stain.

We don’t normally disturb the interior jamb of the window. However, you can choose to have new sills and casings installed. Be sure to ask us about all the options.

Window and Door Hardware:

We offer a variety of colours, finishes, and locking features. Ask us about the hardware options for your window types.

Test Results

Air A3++ 0.005 cfm / ft 2
Water B7 69 mph
Wind C5+ 220 mph
Forced Entry F2 Yes
Design Pressure n/a GC120