• Casement and awning windows generally have lower air leakage rates than comparable sliding windows because the sash closes by pressing against the frame.
  • These window systems are versatile. You can select from a wide variety of configurations, and add options like window grids (Simulated True Divided Lites) to fit with your home’s current style – or create a new one.
  • Our awning and casement windows have energy efficient, highly air tight, triple weather stripping to reduce drafts as well as heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Casement windows project outward, providing significantly better ventilation than slider windows of equal size. In addition, their entire window area opens.
  • Our windows are Energy Star® certified for zones A, B, and C.
  • Our Long Life casement and awing windows have the look and feel of wood and will enhance the styling of any home.
  • All our vinyl replacement windows are locally manufactured, made for our wind-driven rainy weather, and backed by people with a long-term reputation for reliability.