Door Hardware Types Buying Guide (2023)

Several things create a first impression of your home; the landscaping, architecture, and front door all play a part. Although you may have your house pressure washed annually and spruce up your landscaping each season, you may have yet to consider your entryway beyond the color of your door. Whether you’re in the market for a brand-new door or simply want to update your existing one, we’re here to help. If your door is still in good shape, updating your hardware can make a statement and add interest to your entryway!
That’s one reason Long Life recently partnered with Emtek Hardware to bring you the best in modern hardware. Not only do we trust Emtek as they’re known for quality products, but their customization is unmatched from various designs, colours, and styles to suit a wide range of tastes. You can do a lot to accessorize your front door and we’ve created a guide to help you choose the right option for you and your home.

Entry Set

An entry set usually includes a long handle and keyhole. Often these parts include a plate that serves as decor while also protecting your door. The keyhole and handle are connected in more decorative styles while designs include two separate pieces. No matter which style you select, there are a variety of finishes to match your home. Choose from bright polished chrome or flat black bronze and everything in between.

Electronic Locks

Imagine not having to give a house key to everyone — think cleaning crews, pet sitters, and family members. Nowadays, folks are going with electronic locks for convenience. Giving each person a unique code helps you monitor who is coming and going. Plus, being able to give a set of numbers instead of meeting up for a key is a breeze. These locks also keep you from fumbling with keys if you’re trying to escape the cold quickly or enter with groceries. We have several styles in various finishes to match other hardware and truly make a beautiful statement on your door.


Pull Bars

Sometimes you just need a simple way to open a door easily. Swapping a door knob for a pull bar alleviates stress and can helps disabled people, younger kids, or those with injuries confidently use the hardware. Long Life has many styles and lengths available, so you can create a focal point on your door with a long, minimalist-style bar or add interest with a shorter, more detailed bar. The choice is yours, and the options are endless — almost.

Modern Levers

Speaking of ease of use, a modern lever can make your door much easier to open and close. Showcase your style by adding a fashionable lever to either side of your door, or select a more understated one. Whether you like shiny metals or the classic look of marble, several styles will add the touch of panache your door needs. Not only do these levers work well on exterior doors, but they are also perfect in the interior.

Classic Deadbolt

Some folks enjoy tradition, and we here at Long Life say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! If you like the comfort of having a classic deadbolt lock, you can choose an upgraded style with the functionality you’re used to. Pair a deadbolt with a lever or pull bar, and voila! You have a more modern look. Whether you lean old school or want to keep up with trends, a deadbolt can offer both while keeping your house safe and sound.

Ready to get a new front door or change the hardware? Contact Long Life today! We can discuss your options for opening, closing, and locking your door and the designs that best suit your home.