How to Choose A Front Door Colour by Style At Home

How to Choose A Front Door Colour

Article Written by Style at Home’s Laura L. Benn

Here are three things to keep in mind when painting a front door

We all want our home to be a place that welcomes friends and family into the nest. But maintaining a home’s exterior can be quite time-consuming, not to mention costly. For an easy DIY project that will transform the outside of your home, add to its curb appeal and only requires a quart of paint, we suggest painting your front door a fabulous new colour!

1. Choose a colour that suits your house

Apple green might be your favourite colour, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right shade for your front door. Garry Belfall, Senior Brand Manager for Para Paints, advises choosing colours that complement the other tones and architecture present on your home’s exterior. “Try to pick a colour that works within the wood or brick of your home,” he suggests. “Or if there are other items on the home, such as shutters and accents, it’s a good idea to coordinate with those.”

Garry also acknowledges the importance of experimenting with colour on your front door and taking chances with different shades. “The front door is a vehicle for inspiration,” he continues. “For those who want to be more adventurous with their outdoor decor, colour is an open door (pardon the pun) for expression.”

2. Choose a colour that suits your personal style

Choosing paint for outdoor use is a little trickier than painting interior blank walls. Sharon Grech, colour and style spokesperson for Benjamin Moore Paints, says that natural sunlight can drastically change how a paint colour looks.

“When picking colours for an interior, they tend to feel bolder than they actually are,” she says. “Outside, a colour tends to fade more [compared to its sample swatch]. Bright yellow can look beige outside, so the bolder the better for exterior use.”

Her advice is to test paint samples outside in various strengths of light to see how the colour looks throughout the day. “Consider your style and how you wish to express yourself personally,” she says. “For me, a painted front door can be equated to a gentleman who wears a colourful tie. It’s about personality, character and a flattering look that grabs attention.”

3. Choose the right kind of paint

According to Sharon, the kind of paint you use ultimately depends on the quality of your door. For example, she advises not putting a high gloss paint on an older, damaged door, because the imperfections will show through. Really study your options in terms of matte, low-lustre and semi-gloss finishes, as well as the door’s materials before opening the paint cans.

Curb Appeal

There are plenty of ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, but one of the most impactful choices is to add a pop of colour. You can have fun when choosing a paint colour for your front door, from beige to bold, the options are endless.

While you want your front door to welcome guests, you also want it to reflect your personal style. Picking the perfect paint is important, so here is a guide to making the right decision for your home.

View the guide for more information.

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