How to Gather Inspiration for Your Next Window Remodelling Project

Windows serve a variety of purposes in your home. They’re a great light source, allowing you to peek outside, let in fresh air, insulate your interiors, and keep out harsh weather conditions. Windows aren’t only practical. They have a big impact on your exterior and interior design which is why it’s important to ensure your windows match your design aesthetic. 

With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to determine whether you need dark vinyl, six-pane windows, or a gridless, minimalist style. If you’re asking yourself these questions, the best tip is to look at and listen to your home design and find a style that blends well with your existing structure. We share some tips to help you gather all the inspiration you need when you’re looking to redo your home windows. 

Take energy efficiency into account

Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider when choosing windows. Look for windows with high energy efficiency ratings that can help reduce your energy bills and keep your home comfortable year-round. Double-paned windows with Low-E coatings are a popular choice for their ability to insulate your home against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Tip: Choosing windows doesn’t mean simply choosing the frame. You can also select different types of glass that filter UV radiation, minimize noise, and have double glazing to help with insulation.

Know your home’s architectural style

A Victorian home is vastly different from a Mid-Century Modern home, and the features of each design are in sharp contrast. Other home styles are fairly easy to determine, such as ranch or Cape Cod, while others may be more ambiguous, especially if the home is a one-of-a-kind design. For example, a Victorian home typically has tall, narrow windows with elaborate frames, while a modern home may have large, expansive windows with clean lines

Knowing the style or, at the very least, the name of some of the features, such as gabled roof or Frank Lloyd Wright inspired, should help when searching for inspiration.

Tip: Casing and awning styles have flat frames and work great with the Mid-Century Modern era of architecture.

Take a drive around your neighbourhood

Often, neighbourhood homes are built in the same era with similar styling so you can take cues from your neighbours. Even if you live in an older neighbourhood with more unique architectural styles, take a drive and see what others are doing. 

When you see a home with a design similar to yours, you can document things you like and don’t. Take pictures with a smartphone and build an album to keep design inspiration close by. It also helps our window replacement experts to put a quote together. Don’t be shy to ask for advise on the neighbourhood Facebook groups. You won’t be the first homeowner in the area to consider new windows.

Tip: If your area has many modern homes that mimic the architecture of your house, you may see the presence of sliding windows, which allow a maximum amount of light to enter the home.

Determine the colour scheme

When perusing images, see if you lean towards motifs where the windows are a focal point or pictures where they blend in. If your home has a dark wood door, you can mimic the design with dark framed windows, to complement the door. Conversely, if you have a house with wood siding, you can opt for statement white vinyl window frames or something that will blend well with the colour of the exterior. White or off-white window frames are a classic choice that complements most colours, while black frames can add a touch of drama and sophistication.

Tip: Tilt and turn windows are perfect for a look that can either stand out or blend in, and there are many colors available to help you come up with the perfect combination of tones.

Ask an expert

In conclusion, choosing the right window style can make a significant impact on your home’s architectural design. By considering your home’s style, surroundings, energy efficiency, and color scheme, you can find the perfect window style that complements your home’s aesthetic and adds value to your property. Of course, the window experts at LongLife will help steer you in the direction that aligns with your goals and budget. There are apps like Hover that can show you what your home would look like with different design elements and make it easier to visualize the end result.

Tip: A live mockup can aid your decision, and you can even schedule a consultation online to start the process.