Maintaining a local treasure: Vancouver’s Hobbit House

There are four houses in the lower mainland that all stand out for the same reason; their look is rare and straight out of a fairytale. Built by Brenton Lea and designed by architect Ross Lort, these houses were fashioned to look like Olde English cottages by using layers of steam-bent shingles to imitate thatched roofing. Their trademark wavy rooves are what makes these houses really stand out. Built in the 1940’s, Hobbit Houses were constructed in a time of war and are a part of history. Made with solid walnut doors, old fir floors, vaulted beamed ceilings, wonky brick and stone chimneys and leaded glass windows, these houses are truly works of art. Styled after Olde English cottages, these Hobbit Houses were, however, built with all Canadian materials. Because of the complexity and historical look of these houses, renovations to such a structure would have to be done meticulously. The custom leaded stained glass in the Vancouver Hobbit House, was redone by Kitsilano Stained Glass Ltd., founded in 1981. Vinyltek Windows were the only windows chosen when the windows needed to be upgraded, as they were able to improve on the originals yet maintain the historical integrity of the home.

Our team at Long Life Windows and Doors is thrilled to be working on a local treasure. Our company specializes in three things: replacement windows, replacement doors, and exceptional installation service.  We only install the best products available. Our locally made replacement windows and doors are renowned for quality, innovation, and lifetime warranty service. We’ll keep you updated on how the project is coming along.

For photos of the Hobbit House, visit our Facebook album HERE.