NEVER pay a Deposit!

No matter how large or small, standard or custom your job is, you pay absolutely nothing until all the work is complete, ensuring you are completely satisfied!

Since 1989 we have heard far too many horror stories about renovations. Companies requiring 50% or as much as 100% up front for deposits, from our experiences this does not end well for the consumer.  After they have your money it is very tough to ensure you will be happy with the work or if you will ever see them again!  With that being said we believe that if a company needs your money before they can order the windows & doors it’s not a good indication of their financial standing or their confidence in doing the job to your satisfaction.

We understand that making decisions about your home is never easy and sometimes a nerve-racking experience and we take pride in the fact that you are trusting in us to work on your home, and that is enough of a deposit for us!