New Windows Should Make a Design Statement

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What options are available to ensure your new windows add a design style that suits your home?  Most home owners are initially driven to upgrade their older windows because they want to make their home more comfortable.  While comfort and energy savings are often the primary motivator when looking to replace windows, especially when the weather turns colder, it is important to also consider improving the appearance of your home at the same time.

If you were going to buy a new winter coat would its ability to keep you warm and dry be the only priority, or would you also want to consider how it makes you look?  Understanding the available options for window styles, colours, trim materials, and glazing components is vital to your long-term satisfaction with the finished project.  Also, modern looking windows that enhance the style of the home and suit its character, can actually increase its value by more than the cost of the project.

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It is important to understand the potential added value to be gained if windows are upgraded with products that increase curb appeal.  Many Lower Mainland home owners have demonstrated a strong desire for more traditional looking ‘Craftsman’ style homes, and most definitely do not want their new windows to look unsuitable.  Often, people are unaware that it is possible to duplicate virtually any style of window they may like using a high quality vinyl window product. For example, Long Life replaced the windows in one of the famous Vancouver ‘Hobbit Houses’ last year.  It was necessary to have all the glass units for these windows custom fabricated, and the interior mill work required a high level of expertise, but the finished project is a perfect match for the original classic style.

Like every aspect of any home improvement project, a satisfactory ending starts by having a conversation with an experienced professional you are comfortable dealing with and trust.  You will want to see photos of homes that are similar to yours, and ones that have the look you are wanting to end up with.  It is very common to have difficulty visualizing what your desired style will look like on your home, so it is helpful to perhaps drive by a similar home that has been completed.   It should be possible for you to get addresses of projects that will help you ensure that your new window style is going to meet your expectations, thereby eliminating surprises.

Windows, and glass options are continually evolving; primarily because consumers like you are demanding style as well as comfort.  Don’t overlook the hidden value that a great design can provide.


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