We Offer Financing, 3 Month Payment Vacation for New Windows & Doors

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Home Improvement Financing

Did you know that we work with FinanceIt to provide easy, mobile friendly payment plans? FinanceIt is a Canadian company that offers loans for home improvement projects. They break down large ticket project costs into affordable regular payments. This means your window and door replacement project can cost you $109/month rather than $10,000.

Free Payment Deferral for 3 Months

In general the payments only begin once your job is completed, and right now we have a promotion where you can defer your loan for three extra months on us! (OAC) So let’s say you proceed with your estimate today (April 10th), and we complete your window replacement project in July. You won’t start paying back your loan or interest until October, and there are no penalties to pay the loan off early.

Unsecured Loan

What is super cool about FinanceIt is that your loan is unsecured meaning there is no legal claim to yours assets (This type of lending is usually only offered to privileged clients who have long-standing relationships–situations where the character, credit history and capacity of the borrower are well known).

Easy Approval

The application process is quick and simple, and the approval is almost instant. FinanceIt bases approval on your credit with the interest rates ranging from 8.99% – 9.99% for standard credit and 11.99% for extended credit.

As more of our clients are requesting to pay with credit card we wanted to let you know about this option, as credit card interest rates generally run 18% and up. This allows space on your credit card for every day purchases while taking advantage of a lower interest rate for your project.

Financing, especially with deferrals can give you the peace of mind to go ahead with home upgrades, even when budgets are tight, or times are uncertain.

Payment Vacation

If you thought your window and door replacement project had to wait due to the uncertainty of your finances, reach out and speak to one of our window experts. You can take advantage of the deferral and  delay the start of their interest accrual and loan payments for 3 months, essentially giving you a “payment vacation” on us!

We have developed an exterior measuring process to ensure a contactless consultation, find out more. Call us at 604-439-0982 or email [email protected] to chat about your project and recieve a free estimate.