Long Life Recognized as BC’s First Window & Door Living Wage Employer

Long Life Windows & Doors Living Wage Certified


When we started the company, we realized from the very beginning that our employees are valuable. For Long Life Windows & Doors to provide excellent customer service and a quality product, we needed to make our employees a priority, which has stayed our focus since 1989. By investing in our employees, they are happier and have a sense of purpose. This fact, in turn, creates loyalty and a desire to pass those good ethics on and provide our customers with an excellent experience.

Long Life Focuses on Providing Living Wages for Employees

Long Life’s Total Comfort Promise includes all of our own in-house installers, who are full time salaried employees. This allows us to treat your home like our own. We don’t rush our installations, and we are proud of our expert installation team members.

It’s important to us to provide a living wage for our employees to feel valued while providing for themselves and their families with confidence. With this philosophy in mind, we recently learnt about a great program called Living Wage for Families BC encouraging just that! Not basing employees incomes off of the minimum wage, but rather a realistic income to live and thrive in Metro Vancouver. 

Long Life Recognized as BC’s First Window & Door Living Wage Employer

A living Wage is an Opportunity for Employers to do Better

A living wage calls on employers to meet a higher standard for both their staff and major contractors, to ensure that wages reflect the true costs of living in a community and that parents can earn what they need to support their families.

In February, 2022 Long Life Windows & Doors completed the certification process and were recognized as the first Window and Door Living Wage Employer in BC.  We have made the commitment to pay all our staff a living wage based on the region we operate in – Metro Vancouver. The coolest part is that all of our employees were already above the Living Wage!

Beyond providing a fair wage to our employees, becoming certified encompasses much more. The Living Wage for Families Campaign certifies businesses that “recognize that paying a living wage constitutes a critical investment in the long-term prosperity of the economy by fostering a dedicated, skilled and healthy workforce.” So, by giving our employees what they deserve, we are helping the community as a whole. 

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As a customer, we appreciate your continued support so we can keep our workers employed and on the job. Your confidence in Long Life Windows & Doors means so much. Also, we hope that our desire to get this certification encourages you to realize that our employees are treated fairly. Additionally, if you own a business, I encourage you to prioritize living wages and seek certification for your company. Finally, if you’re an employee, talk to your place of work about becoming certified if they aren’t already.

Here at Long Life Windows & Doors, we believe that by investing in our people, we are positively impacting the community—both now and for the future. If you have any questions about our certification or becoming certified, please feel free to reach out.