Exterior French Doors

Blur the line between indoors and out with beautifully crafted French doors.

Picture having your morning coffee with a warm breeze rustling the pages of your book, while you admire the outdoors with nothing impeding your view.

Unlike sliding doors–which only open halfway–exterior French doors open wide to create a true walk out experience to your patio, sundeck, or yard. Each set of French doors comes with the highest rated insulation available, so when closed they help to keep heating and air conditioning costs down.

We can craft any French door to custom fit your home, even in spaces without standard measurements. We use high quality Vinyl and Fiberglass products and we guarantee our work with the best lifetime warranty available. Our team will treat your home like it is our own, and our experts will go above and beyond to make the whole process easy.

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Benefits of French Doors

  • Whether you are looking for fiberglass or vinyl French doors, we can help you. We research leading edge design and only work with quality brands, including Vinyltek, Trimlite and ThermaTru.
  • Both panels open wide for maximum airflow with the ability to keep one closed, using the other to enter and exit for sophisticated functionality and style.
  • Intelligent design for maximum brightness and unimpeded views.
  • Options available for:
    • Tilt and turn function for secure ventilation.
    • Multi-point locking mechanism.
    • Internal mini-blinds providing privacy without the dusting.
    • Low profile frames with or without visible hinges.
    • Factory pre-painted, maintenance-free vinyl option.  Choose standard or custom colours.
    • Fiberglass smooth paint-grade or textured stain-grade options.
  • All the hardware, glass sealed units, and installation are under warranty for as long as you own the home, and the warranty is transferable.
  • Exterior French Doors Fibreglass or vinyl
  • eurotwist four panel french door
  • Exterior French Doors Fibreglass or vinyl
  • Exterior French Doors Fibreglass or vinyl
  • Exterior French Doors Fibreglass or vinyl
  • Exterior French Doors Fibreglass Smooth-Star, Internal Blinds, Doors – S2600
  • Vinyltek Vinyl energy efficient Exterior French Doors
  • vinyltek vinyl energy efficient french doors silver hardware


  • Single Door, Double Door and Custom Configurations Available
  • Choose from Inswing or Outswing Door Panel and Hinges
  • Width and Height are Completely Customizable — As the Renovation Specialists we know that not all homes are built to standard measurements
  • Do you have a window that you’d love to turn into a door for accessibily and airflow? Call us today: 604-439-0982


We offer a wide variety of energy-smart glazing options!

Different types of glass have distinct qualities and attributes. Selecting the best glass for your new french door can minimize noise issues, winter heat loss, and fading.

The following five questions can help determine the best glass for your new french door:

1. Is your home cold in the winter?

Window and doors are the main sites of heat loss in most Canadian homes. Installing replacement windows and doors will reduce drafts, but even well-sealed doors lose a significant amount of heat. Selecting glass with a high performance, energy efficient glazing can reduce your home’s heat loss, and bring down your heating bills at the same time.

2. Is your home too warm in the summer?

Excess heat gain in summer can cause as much discomfort as wintertime heat loss. Well-sealed replacement french doors will reduce some heat gain, but the key culprit is heat coming through the glass. To minimize heat gain, select glazing that eliminates infrared light. Fortunately, the same glazing will also reduce winter heat loss.

3. Is fading a problem in some rooms?

Strong, direct sunlight can fade furniture, paintings and flooring. Where this is an issue, choose glass that screens out ultraviolet radiation (UV rays) to protect your furnishings from damage and deterioration.

4. Do you live on a busy street, or is it noisy inside your home?

In addition to light, french doors can also let in unwanted noise.  Most sound is made up of acoustic vibrations at different frequencies. Laminated glass minimizes unwanted sound transmission because the plastic inter-layer dampens vibrations across a wide range of frequencies, quieting low frequency sounds like truck traffic, as well as high frequency noise, like jet aircraft or industrial equipment.

5. Is safety or security an issue?

The Building Code requires all glass paneled doors to have tempered glass (sometimes referred to as toughened glass) for safety – therefore every french door that we install is manufactured with tempered glass. Tempered Glass is about four times stronger than regular class and is known for its safety. Tempered glass is cooled down slowly during the annealing process making the glass much stronger.

Security concerns can be address with laminated glass as it works much like a car windshield and is very difficult to break through.  This option is ideal for basements, garages or anywhere that provides an opportunistic entry point.


We offer a variety of glass types to suit the needs of each room in your home.

LoE3 Glass with Argon
LoE3 (pronounced: low E cubed) addresses all three of the biggest residential window concerns. LoE3 reduces winter heat loss, summer heat gain, and blocks 95% of the UV rays that cause fading and deterioration.

Laminated Glass
Laminated glass provides increased safety and security, reduces unwanted outside noise, and blocks 98% of the sun’s UV rays.

Neat Glass
Neat glass uses the sun’s UV rays to help loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving your windows virtually spotless. This low maintenance, easy to clean glass is ideal for hard to reach places. Read more about Neat glass.

Obscure Glass
We offer a broad selection of obscure glass options for privacy.


At Long Life, we believe that variety is the spice of life so we offer an extensive line of French doors to custom fit your home, even in spaces without standard measurements.

From stain or paint grade fiberglass and factory pre-painted, maintenance-free vinyl options — choose standard or custom colours.

The glass can be decorative, obscure, or clear, add internal tilt and lift mini blinds, multi-point locking, any internal grid pattern or add a kick-plate.


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