Windows That Require the Least Maintenance

Comparing Window Materials to Protect Your Investment

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If you are a homeowner living on the west coast who is planning to replace the windows in your home, there are many window options to choose from. Not only are there countless design options, but there are also many brands and operational styles to consider before making a purchase.

Replacement windows are a large investment. On average, each replacement costs between $450 and $1000 according to Angie’s List. In addition, most window installation specialists charge between $50 and $100 for the installation of each window. When you are making an investment as significant as replacing the windows in your home in Vancouver, it is crucial you do your research so you can pick the most weather resistant, low-maintenance, and long lasting windows on the market. At Modernize, we have created extensive window guides to help you decide on style, operation, and materials used in the manufacturing of your windows. Continue reading to learn more about the lowest maintenance windows on the market.

lowest maintenance windows on the market.

Fiberglass Windows

Window manufacturers suchs as Long Life Windows and Doors create the fiberglass frames of their replacement windows by pouring a unique fiberglass composite into molds. The fiberglass used for their windows is incredibly durable, requiring virtually no maintenance over the life of a window. Fiberglass windows are among the more expensive replacement window options, but the long life, low-maintenance, and energy efficiency of these windows make the cost worthwhile for many homeowners.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are a more affordable replacement window option and also offer very little maintenance for upkeep. These windows are among the most commonly installed replacement windows throughout North America, especially in climates which require exceptional energy efficiency, such as the lower mainland of Vancouver where Long Life Windows and Doors serves. During manufacturing, the vinyl chemicals are mixed with the color of the homeowner’s choice. Because of this, these windows are have color throughout, which allows them to stand up to the wear and tear of constant sunlight and other elements for their long life.

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Clad-Wood Windows

Typically, wood windows require regular upkeep and maintenance. However, clad-wood windows have wood interiors with aluminum cladding on the exterior portion of the frame. This provides homeowners with the natural beauty of wood inside of their home with the low-maintenance appeal of aluminum outside of the home.

Windows Designed for Easy Care

When homeowners think of window maintenance, they typically think of repainting, tune-ups, and other more involved tasks. But the truth is, the cleaning of windows is an essential part of the day-to-day care of windows. Some windows are specifically designed for easy care. These windows include double-hung and single-hung windows with sashes which tilt into the home for easy cleaning of exterior panes, and sliding windows with sashes which swivel at a full 360 degrees to allow for cleaning of every part of the window.

In addition to finding a low-maintenance window, it is important for homeowners to consider energy efficiency, cost, and performance before making a purchase. To learn more, visit Modernize to learn more about the different types of replacement window available and the different design and material options to consider.

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