Our Team

The Long Life team brings years of experience and a culture of service to each replacement window and door project. We start with quality staff, provide them with the right tools and training, and reward them for excellent service. Add to that the best windows and doors available, and the result is a business built on customer satisfaction and word of mouth.

Our Replacement Window Specialists

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    Pat Alexander

    Pat has worked in the home improvement industry for 30 years. Using the experience he gained in the industry, he and a colleague started Long Life Property Improvements in 1989. Pat believes in being hands-on and staying small enough to deliver exceptional service.

    Pat has been a board member of the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada (SAWDAC) for many years. SAWDAC developed The National Window Wise Certification Program, and Pat is proud that Long Life was the first company in BC to offer the benefits of this program to their customers.

  • Kris Alexander

    Kris has been around the renovation industry since his early teen years, spending time in the office with his father, Pat. In the past five years he has also gained practical experience in window installation and customer service which helps him run Long Life with added success and a customer first attitude.

    A Bachelor of Business Administration graduate , Kris is using his education to better help customers and keep Long Life at the top of the industry. When he’s not working with windows, Kris enjoys soccer, golf and volunteer work. Kris has taken an ownership position in Long Life with Paul & Pat trying to teach the old boys new tricks.

    If you pop by the office you will probably run into his rescue dog Avery who runs around the office keeping everyone in line.

    Please email Kris with any questions you may have at Kris@longlife.ca

  • Paul Sanders

    Paul joined Long Life in January 2008. He has 10 years of experience with replacement window products and retrofitting. When Paul isn’t helping customers with their window choices, he likes to travel, play hockey and spend time with his family. Paul has also taken an ownership position in the company and helps with management of the day to day operations.