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Canada Greener Homes Grants/Loan

The Canadian Federal Government is offering up to $5,000 in grants and a $40,000 interest free loan for 10 years to upgrade your windows if they meet certain requirements. At Long Life Windows & Doors we install energy efficient, locally made Vinyltek Windows that are able to meet the criteria. We are here to answer your questions and help guide you through the process. Below you will find key information about the program. Please reach out to your sales person with any further questions, or call our office: 604-439-0982. 

Official Greener Homes Grant Website:

Windows and Doors Upgrades Explained

Homeowners can receive grants of up to $5,000 ($125/window or $250/window depending on the U-Value) for energy-efficient upgrades to their homes and up to $600 to help with the cost of an EnerGuide home energy evaluation. There is also a $40,000 interest-free loan for 10 years available

The grants are based on the U-Value of 1.22 or less ($125/window) or 1.05 or less ($250/window) – generally to hit this requirement the windows/patio doors will need to be triple glazed (3 layers of glass). The product upgrade cost of the window/door to qualify is often higher than the $125-$250 that you will receive back per window/patio door, we are here to quote out both options and help you to make an informed decision. 

A nice feature of the program is that we can pick and choose which items we want to meet the requirements, for example on a patio door due to the size of the glass it is much more costly to upgrade to triple glazing, and it can make the doors very heavy to slide – so we can leave the patio door out of grants and just focus on the smaller windows in your home. We are able to itemize your estimate/invoice to ensure your project makes the most sense from a product usability and cost standpoint. 

A very important note: if you are looking to take advantage of the $40,000 loan – you must be approved for this prior to the work starting. We can still remeasure your project and get you into our installation queue, but it is crucial that the pre-energy audit and the loan approval happen before we start upgrading your home!

Summary of Key Points:

  • A Home Energy Audit must be completed before and after your windows/doors are replaced, we recommend:
  • To receive the $600 reimbursement – you must complete at least one energy efficiency retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by the energy advisor in their report
  • Windows must have a U-Value of 1.22 or less – meaning they need to be triple glazed. You would receive $125 or $250/window back to a maximum of $5000. 
  • The $5000 is pooled for any home upgrades that meet the grant program. Ex: If you upgrade your heat pump and windows – there is still only a total of $5,000 grants available to you to offset the cost.
  • Generally the cost to upgrade your windows from double glazed to triple glazed is about $300-$400/window and $500-$700/patio door.
  • Register directly through the Canada Greener Homes Grant portal
  • To qualify you must be a Canadian Resident and the Owner of the Home. 
  • The homeowner must have all of the following documents for NRCan to verify their eligible retrofits:
    • Receipts for the pre and post retrofit EnerGuide evaluations.
    • All receipts and invoices for products purchased and for their installation.
      • We are here to provide all required info. 

If any of the following conditions applies, you are ineligible for this grant:

  • I am a landlord and rent my property.
  • I am a renter.
  • I already started or completed my retrofits without first receiving an EnerGuide home evaluation.
  • My home was built less than 6 months ago (but you can apply once your home is at least 6 months old).
  • I have not moved into the home yet because we are renovating it, before making it my primary residence.

The program can also be combined with the Fortis BC $100/Window Rebate (not eligible in City of Vancouver):

Thank you again for your interest in Long Life Windows & Doors, we look forward to chatting grants, rebates and interest-free loans!

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