5 Christmas Window Decorations-Ideas to Beautify Your Home Inside & Out


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means prepping your home for the holidays. Not only should your windows be draft-free and secure, but window decorations can do double duty by making your home lovely inside and out. Although you may not want to learn how to decorate your windows for Christmas from me, I consulted with my daughter, Katie, who approved each and every one of these Christmas window decoration ideas for you.


Put a wreath on it

windows decoration ideas for christmas

One of the most traditional ways to decorate your windows is with a wreath, but the rest is up to you. Either purchase a natural, evergreen wreath from a Christmas tree farm or buy one that you can use year after year from the craft store. You can decorate them with a bow or non-fragile ornaments, or you can leave the wreath plain. If you’re looking for lighted Christmas window decorations, ideas include adding a single candle bulb light to the window or stringing battery-powered Christmas lights on each wreath. Of course, finish the look with a matching wreath on your front door.


Make a village

windows decoration ideas for christmas

Holiday villages are quaint and lovely. Although many take up residence on a mantel or under the Christmas tree, the window is the perfect place for your tiny town to reside. If you have a bay window, you’ll have a lot of space to create and play with different arrangements. First, use fake, fluffy snow as a base. Next, arrange your buildings where you see fit and make sure you have enough outlets for lighted Christmas window decorations. Ideas include adding villagers, using a mirror as a skating rink, and setting up tiny bottle-brush trees to mimic a winter scene. The soft glow of lit-up villages will also reflect to the outside.


Hang decorative ornaments

windows decoration ideas for christmas

Sometimes pets make it hard to come up with feasible Christmas window decorations. Ideas are creative as you try to protect special heirlooms and keep them out of harm’s way. Many pets (especially cats!) are attracted to trees, and even a dog’s excited tail wagging can unexpectedly knock an ornament off of your Christmas evergreen. Instead of putting glass or sentimental ornaments on the tree, hang them in your window. Even if you don’t need to keep breakables safe, classically shaped ornaments — like balls and snowflakes — look beautiful when hung in the air. 


Create a showcase

windows decoration ideas for christmas

Take a cue from storefronts and go all out to decorate your windows. Folks have long-gawked at department stores and boutique windows, and you can bring this old-time vibe back in your own home. Pick a theme and make decor to match. Plus, you can even add lighted Christmas window decorations. Ideas for themes include winter wonderland, Santa’s workshop, Christmas around the world, and the nativity. Honestly, with this type of holiday window decor, anything goes — just use your imagination!


Focus on the inside

windows decoration ideas for christmas

If you are so busy that you don’t have time to think about how to decorate your windows for Christmas, don’t fret! One of the simplest, most beautiful ways to enhance a home is to let the inside shine to the outside with your Christmas window decorations. Ideas include placing lights to frame an entryway that can be seen from the street and — our favorite — putting your pre-lit tree so that folks can view it from the outside. Not only will a passersby enjoy your decor, but it will also bring you joy every time you come home. What a fantastic way to maximize your interior decor, but just be sure to open the curtains!