Replacement Window Questions

Are your windows manufactured locally?
Yes, the windows we install are made locally in Delta using one of the few systems that is extruded in Canada. Many of the local window manufacturers get their vinyl products from the US.

Are the vinyl windows you supply Power Smart?
Yes our vinyl window products are Power Smart approved. In fact they exceed the regular Power Smart requirements and are the only windows classified as “Power Smart PLUS”.

What does the average window cost?
The price of a window depends greatly on the a number of factors, including: size, configuration, operation method, glass package, and the number of windows you are replacing.  With so many options from a performance and aesthetic point of view, the only way for us to accurately provide you with a cost is to have one of Long Life’s representatives come to your house and give you a free in-home consultation.

To provide you with all the necessary information, we will bring a window sample to your home along with pictures showing various installations and curb appeal features.  We will take some rough measurements of your windows, and discuss opening types, glass packages and exterior trim options.  We typically find consumers have more questions than they thought they would, once we get into the process.

This initial visit usually takes 1-2 hours, and can take place at your convenience (daytime, evening, weekends). It is ideal to have everyone present who will be involved in the decision process, as everyone has their own ideas, thoughts, and most importantly, questions. Based on the discussion we have during this meeting, we will be able to work out a cost estimate.   Also, we will discuss the payment options that can be designed to accommodate your budgets.

How are the windows installed and will it make a lot of mess?
There are three main installation methods used here in the lower mainland. Piggybacking, Retrofitting, and Full Removal the Window Wise Way. We don’t use the Piggyback method as this requires leaving the existing aluminum frame in the wall. The systems that we have developed for replacing windows and doors are used precisely to minimize the disturbance. All our windows are custom sized and come with special trims and flashing to allow them to be installed into the existing opening.

How long can I expect to wait before my new windows are installed?
The time frame depends on a few factors, including the size of the project, the weather, and how busy we are. Unlike some contractors, we don’t hire more crews to rush orders through. Each project is scheduled at the time of order and we offer special pricing to homeowners who will give us some flexibility with the timing when we are busy. However, on average you can expect your new windows to be installed within 4 to 6 weeks.

How many workers will be sent to install my new windows?
Either a two or three person crew, depending on the size of the job.

How long does it take to install a house full of windows?
It depends somewhat on the weather and the method of installation but on average it will take one to two days for a Retrofit installation and up to a week for a Full Removal.

What is your warranty?
We warranty all the workmanship, the installation, the sealed units, the windows and the window hardware for as long as you own your home. Our warranty is also transferable for a period of fifteen years from the date of the installation to a new owner.